Bible Study from November 9th, 2019

Timely Warnings – The Book of Amos, Part 3

This week’s Lesson Sermon Subject: Adam and Fallen Man

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Bible Study Questions and Readings

I would ask that all Christians unite in prayer for the cessation of sin, – the oppression of the weak, – the accession of power at the sacrifice of individual rights; and especially that divine Love shield the innocent from the wrath of the guilty, and cause it to praise Love.

— from Divinity Course and General Collectanea, the “Blue Book,” by Mary Baker Eddy, page 62

Topic: The Book of Amos, Part 3

Moderator: Thomas from NY

Bible Readings: The Book of Amos, Chapters 1-9

Additional Bible Readings: Hosea 10: 15; Hosea 13: 1-3; Jeremiah 48: 13; 1 Kings 12: 3, 4, 11, 19, 20, 28-30; 2 Kings 17: 6, 12, 18; 1 Kings 13: 1-3; 2 Kings 23: 1-5, 15-18; James 2:6; Proverbs 14: 31

Be prepared to discuss previous questions from The Book of Amos, Part 2:

  1. What did Amos say about Bethel?
  2. What does Amos say about oppressing the poor? (Amos 4: 1-2; Amos 5: 11-12; James 2: 6; Proverbs 14: 31)

New Questions for The Book of Amos, Part 3:

  1. What does it mean to be called by His name? (Amos 9:12)
  2. What is the restoration that Amos tells us about?

Notes from the Discussion

“Affirm, that neither malicious influences to harm the innocent, nor physical causation, can produce any result, for there is but one Mind, even Love, and this Mind, and none other, governs all; is All.” (from Watches, Prayers, and Arguments, given by Mary Baker Eddy, page 150)

Let us be alert and persistent in our prayers for all children as they return to school, that the Christ be present and be the only influence in their education, “…such as to form habits of obedience to the moral and spiritual law.” (by Mary Baker Eddy, Science & Health, p. 62)

All people working with these children at all levels, whether teacher, staff, administrators or decision makers cannot transmit anything “unworthy of perpetuity” (S. & H., p. 61) to these precious children. The educational system cannot be invaded or used by mortal mind’s attempt to rule in place of God and trample upon the rights of conscience. It cannot be done! Clad in the panoply of Love only that which will elevate and purify can reach their thought. This is the law of God and cannot be reversed or annulled. God reigns supreme.

“All education should contribute to moral and physical strength and freedom.” (from Miscellaneous Writings, by Mary Baker Eddy, page 240)

— Unity Watch from Thursday, August 29th, 2019

Oppression: To load or burden with unreasonable impostitions. To treat with unjust severity, rigor, or hardship.

— From Webster’s 1828 Dictionary

He that oppresseth the poor reproacheth his Maker: but he that honoureth him hath mercy on the poor.

— Proverbs 14:31 in the King James Bible

I have sent among you the pestilence after the manner of Egypt: your young men have I slain with the sword, and have taken away your horses; and I have made the stink of your camps to come up unto your nostrils: yet have ye not returned unto me, saith the Lord.

— Amos 4: 10 in the King James Bible

The pestilence is God’s messenger;

— Amos 4: 10 from Matthew Henry Bible Commentary, 1875, by Matthew Henry

It is no new thing for the accusers of the brethren, to misrepresent them as enemies to the king and kingdom, as traitors to their prince, and troublers of the land, when they are the best friends to both.

— Amos 7 from Matthew Henry Bible Commentary, 1875, by Matthew Henry

Behold, the days come, saith the Lord God, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord:

— Amos 8: 11 in the King James Bible

For, lo, he that formeth the mountains, and createth the wind, and declareth unto man what is his thought, that maketh the morning darkness, and treadeth upon the high places of the earth,

— Amos 4: 13 in the King James Bible

But ye have borne the tabernacle of your Moloch and Chiun your images, the star of your god, which ye made to yourselves.

— Amos 5: 26 in the King James Bible

Hear this, O ye that swallow up the needy, even to make the poor of the land to fail, Saying, When will the new moon be gone, that we may sell corn? and the sabbath, that we may set forth wheat, making the ephah small, and the shekel great, and falsifying the balances by deceit?

— Amos 8: 4-5 in the King James Bible

Audio — Moving interview with Joe Carter on the subject of spirituals.(Click on this and find audio third down from top of selection.)

Amos speaks to the people about their worship festivals which they believed to be glorifying God. What good is worship if it does not get through to God? Amos tells them their daily lives did not match God’s standards so the worship amounted to nothing.

— from Bible Study

Let us continue earnest in prayer for the fulfilment of these prophecies, in the peace, purity, and the beauty of the church. God marvellously preserves his elect amidst the most fearful confusions and miseries. When all seems desperate, he wonderfully revives his church, and blesses her with all spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus. And great shall be the glory of that period, in which not one good thing promised shall remain unfulfilled.

— Amos 9: 12 from Matthew Henry Bible Commentary, 1875, by Matthew Henry

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

— Words by Christ Jesus, from John 10:27 in the King James Bible

Shepherd, show me how to go
O’er the hillside steep,
How to gather, how to sow,—
How to feed Thy sheep;
I will listen for Thy voice,
Lest my footsteps stray;
I will follow and rejoice
All the rugged way.

— Stanza from Hymn 304 from the Christian Science Hymnal Words by Mary Baker Eddy

The Christ message comes from places we least expect it.

— from Bible Study

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