Bible Study Questions for March 9th, 2019

Saturday at 10:00am EST

“The Commandments were given to Moses by God at a time when the people were sorely in need of divine guidance. ‘Thou shalt have no other gods before Me’ is the First Commandment. The other nine Commandments are amplifications of that First Commandment. The following Commandments teach us how to have no other gods before the one good God, the Father of us all.”

“Claim your full salvation as a child of God. He loves you and knows you. Your name is written in heaven. You were created for His glory, to know and do His will. Obey the Commandments and find heaven.”

from “Ten Commandments” in Sermons and Articles
 by Doris White Evans, pages 207, 209

Topic: Continued Study of the Ten Commandments

Moderator: Chardelle from PA

Bible Readings: Exodus 20: 1-22; Deuteronomy, chapter 5


  1. What do we recall about the First Commandment?
  2. What does it mean to have graven images?
  3. When and how do we take the Lord’s name in vain?
  4. How do we remember and keep the Sabbath Day Holy?

Download the Word version of these questions here.

March 2019 Bible Study sessions:

Date Moderator
03/09/2019 Chardelle from PA
03/16/2019 Tom from NY

April 2019 Bible Study sessions:

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